Steel Guitar and Dobro lessons now available!


Whether you're just beginning or have been pickin for years, you can now have one on one lessons for steel guitar or dobro. I'm offering them from my home in Nashville either in person or via Skype if you live too far away!  Click here to drop me a line to get details and available times.

These lessons are personal and given with the student's needs in mind. Each lesson will be customized according to the indvidual's desire and ability. Every student is different and will learn and retain things at their own pace! Every lesson will be a balance of picking as well as discussion about the instrument.  

In person or Skype lessons are given in either a 30 or 60 minute format.  A 30 minute lesson is $30 and an hour lesson is $50.  

Skype is a video chat program that is free to download.  It allows the student to see and hear the lesson and I'll be able to see and hear the student making communication and learning easy!  All you need is a computer with a video camera.  Ipads and tablets work great as well.

Lessons can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whatever frequency you prefer.  

Lesson Details


Instruction dealing with assembling, maintaining and tuning the guitar as well as learning basic chord structures and learning how to play the steel or dobro.


Lessons will include a more detailed approach to the instrument.  We'll be learning intros and solos to various songs among many other things.


These lessons will include lots of picking as well as more in-depth discussion. Different approaches to various songs and licks and why we approach them in certain ways.  


I've recently been asked to "dissect" some intros/fills/solos from some our favorite songs.  If you have a favorite that you wish to learn, hit me up and I'll break it down and show it to you. Rates vary.


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